I Specialize In:

Depression – The struggle is real and so difficult to explain, and what makes it worse is that the people around you also feel the effects of the darkness that Depression brings.  There is Hope. There is Freedom.  There are skills that can provide you with the opportunity to live your life to the fullest.  You can Redeem the depression in your life.

Marriage – Marriage is an on-going adventure and challenge that sometimes feels more like torture. Using Gottman methods and techniques, marriages can be strengthen, redeemed and/ or refreshed at any stage.

Life Transitions – Pregnancy, Moves, Career Changes and Life in general comes with transitions. The stress involved with transitions can be overwhelming, scary, lonely and paralyzing. Many people lose their sense-of-self and their identity during times of transition, however transitions can be exciting. There is Newness. There is Hope. Transitions can be Redeemed to be a positive and joy-filled time of life.

Addiction – There are many forms of addiction, but all of them have the same goal to steal, destroy and kill a vital and productive life – Yours. Addiction is full of secrets, manipulation and shame. Whether you suffer from addiction or someone you love suffers from addiction there is Hope. There can be Freedom. There are skills that can provide you the opportunity to live your life with purpose. You can Redeem the addiction that is trying to destroy your life.

Borderline Personality Disorder – BPD has a stigma of drama, chaos, and loneliness however BPD can be a gift that can allow you to live your life with meaning. The stigma of BPD can be Redeemed.